Monday, October 11, 2010

Akaroa, Dolphins, Black Eyes and More...

Well, we had a day off during the week, so we went to a wonderful town, Akaroa, which is about an hour or so away.  It was amazing- we had stunning weather, so we took a boat ride to see if we could find the small dolphins that live off the coast of NZ: Hector's Dolphin.
We found some!  Ella loved them...we have an hilarious video of her asking the dolphins " what are you doing?" over and over, but we are too tech unsavvy to figure out how to load.  We will post more later.   Things are good- was a cold cold day today, but the weather seems to be improving.  We went for a few hikes this weekend; more on that later.
hector's dolphins- only found in nz!

banks peninsula from the boat.

ella after spilling water in her carseat...she seemed not to care that her butt was soaked!

the ladies in akaroa- notice ella, sans pants 

surboard 1- left eye 0

capt ella and her crew

lovely ladies

akaroa from a distance

Hector's Dolphin


  1. love the pics! Erin, Ella, and Gillian look stunning and adorable as always:) the scenery is amazing! maybe I can visit there when I come?! Dave, let Erin do some work on those eyebrows...sorry about the black eye, but the wily brows need to be tamed! hope to chat with you all soon! sorry I missed your call yesterday. love you!

  2. Great pics! Gonna have to show that board who's boss in a later ripping session... I remember seeing Hectors dolphins when I was in NZ and being just as excited as Ella. Keep on sharing the great stories. Look forward to hearing more...