Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Foreign Invaders, Transalpine and warm weather : )

Over the last week our home has been infiltrated by both a duck and a bird.  The ducks have been visiting our sliding glass door each morning waiting for ella to feed them--tortillas seem to be their preferred meal.  One bold duck made its way into our house under ella's watch while I was catching up on email. I decided I should peer around the corner to see what was going on when ella repeatedly said, "ducky get out of my house."  I was quite surprised to see it rummaging for scraps under the dining room table--yikes!  Moral of the story--don't feed the ducks.

ella loves this rooster!
Ella, Gillian and I had a blast at the Canterbury A&P Show which is basically a giant County Fair.  It was more than complete with a livestock show and duck herding, horse jumping, log climbing and chainsawing competitions.  Ella was not a fan of the chainsaws but did, however, love the roosters and baby cows.

a judge taking a closer look

ella and baby cows

Dave took his first kayak trip on the east coast.  He put in at Sumner Beach just a few minutes from our house and landed at Taylor's Mistake Beach just a few miled north.  It was a beautiful day.  Ella, Gillian and I met him for lunch at Taylor's.

Dave's kayaking self portrait

ella testing out Dave's kayak 

Some random pictures from the last few weeks: