Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Foreign Invaders, Transalpine and warm weather : )

Over the last week our home has been infiltrated by both a duck and a bird.  The ducks have been visiting our sliding glass door each morning waiting for ella to feed them--tortillas seem to be their preferred meal.  One bold duck made its way into our house under ella's watch while I was catching up on email. I decided I should peer around the corner to see what was going on when ella repeatedly said, "ducky get out of my house."  I was quite surprised to see it rummaging for scraps under the dining room table--yikes!  Moral of the story--don't feed the ducks.

ella loves this rooster!
Ella, Gillian and I had a blast at the Canterbury A&P Show which is basically a giant County Fair.  It was more than complete with a livestock show and duck herding, horse jumping, log climbing and chainsawing competitions.  Ella was not a fan of the chainsaws but did, however, love the roosters and baby cows.

a judge taking a closer look

ella and baby cows

Dave took his first kayak trip on the east coast.  He put in at Sumner Beach just a few minutes from our house and landed at Taylor's Mistake Beach just a few miled north.  It was a beautiful day.  Ella, Gillian and I met him for lunch at Taylor's.

Dave's kayaking self portrait

ella testing out Dave's kayak 

Some random pictures from the last few weeks:

erin, ella and gillian (in the baby bjorn) on Sumner beach

Gillian sitting pretty!
Ella at the Halloween Light Party

On our way to the Art Center

Cool weaving studio in the Art Center in Christchurch

We took the Transalpine Railway to the west coast last weekend and spent the weekend in Hokitika.  The scenery from the train was absolutely spectacular and the west coast proved to be every bit as pretty as we had imagined.  We visited some bizarre rock formations called the pancake rocks in Punakaiki in the fog and rain, enjoyed lounging at the beach behind our holiday home and even managed to do a few short hikes.  Our hike to a waterfall at Arthur's Pass was definitely a highlight.  Ella even managed to hike a good section of the trail with her own two feet : ).

Somewhere in the middle of the Transcenic railway

Dave and Ella on the Hokitika gorge bridge

Gillian taking in the gorge
Hokitika gorge

Ella collecting rocks a the beach in Hokitika

Tubby time at our holiday home : )

Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki

Snow capped mountains near Arthur's Pass

Ella hiking to the Bridal Veil falls--Arthur's Pass

Bridal Veil Falls


  1. Wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for the update. You're doing so much over there. Everyone looks happy and healthy! Love you much! Oma

  2. Great blog and even better pics! we look forward to catching up with you all down there next month!

  3. It looks like you're having a wonderful time over there. Love seeing the pictures! Wish we could come and see you, too. Aunt Bev & Uncle Dave