Friday, January 14, 2011

Wanaka: Mtn Biking, chickens laying eggs,and Canyoning

We spent our final week away from work in Wanaka- the sleepier adventure town about an hour from Queenstown (the "adrenaline capital of the world").  We spent about an hour in Queenstown- Wanaka is reminiscient of a sleepy Colorado mtn town (Crested Butte comes to mind): mtns everywhere you look, lots of outdoor activities, wonderful weather, and chickens.  The rivers and lakes were cold, but impossible to stay out of for swimming.
 We stayed at a house that had chickens- they laid us lots of eggs, and Ella loved them, even when they pecked her.

family hike along the hawea river

we found free babysitters- aside from a little pecking it worked great!

kite festival- Ella loved it!

Gillian's kite festival

We each took a day for adventure-
Erin went canyoning (canyoneering) on an amazingly beautiful and challenging route- lots of rappeling, abseiling, cliff jumping...she is a bad ass.  They hiked/climbed up, then donned wetsuits and braved the waterfalls, water chutes, etc.  The pictures are unbelievable.
the climb up- Erin smiling!

going down the chute- Erin in the back.

abseiling through  waterfall- can see the rope and her helmet

"Yes, I just came down that- I know,I rock."


all this happened between the trees and the sheep....

I went on a bruising solo mtn bike ride (the guy at the bike store is probably still laughing for telling me to ride what amounted to about 3,000 ft elevation gain, 18 miles, a gigantic bull, but was rewarded by no people and majestic views.
suffice to say I pushed the bike up a lot, and the bike guy and I disagree on the definition of "undulating".

the ridgeline of the mtn bike ride

looking to the southern alps

very large bull- those are trees in the foreground
 Ella/Gillian and I went to the toy and transport museum (essentially one man's obsession with vehicles/machines from hot wheels to airplanes).

Ella said, "  I will bring all these home". Tough lessons of museums.

big "dumper" wheel

James Dean has nothin on this rebel....

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  1. your readers are getting curious...what have you crazy kids been up to?! and more importantly, we would like to see pictures of the little ladies!! get writing!