Saturday, February 19, 2011

Palmer back from the Pole, Ocean Swims, and Erin's week of Bliss

Well, it is decided- we are not good bloggers- we are monthly reporters. Things have been a little hectic since Christmas. My Dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and so we have been very concerned with his health and treatment. He is undergoing chemo and radiation and my Mom is doing an unbelievable job caregiving as are my sisters. I was able to get home for a week to help out and visit.
We are planning on returning earlier than scheduled from NZ, so we can be closer to NH and help out and visit.

Erin managed to get a much deserved week of relaxation and travel in with her friend Samantha. She'll hit on that one. While she was gone both girls managed to vomit on me and Gillian shat in the tub- other than that we managed swimmingly.

f Gillian and Ella reading.
Erin shaving Dave's head!
We had 12 people from the South Pole for dinner and this is what happened...
Sunset out of our backyard.
Sledding in NH with family...pushing Karen into a tree.
Dad with me, Karen's family and Katie....
Mom overseeing the mounds of snow.
From NH snow to NZ ocean swim race-
Jesse reading The Economist to Ella


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